Grigoriou Maria


I studied in School Vakalo with teachers Panagiotis Tetsis and Yiannis Valavanidis (1971-1974). Later, in the West College of Art and Design (England), I discover other areas of art, a level that I had imagined, and ends in weaving, tapestry (1974-1977). At this period, I met Yiannis Papadopoulos. On my return to Greece, I teach painting and applied arts to children (1979-1989), I do seminars and teach adults in Campus- Ziridis (1993-96). In 1979, John and I met Ann, Corinna, Eve, Patrick, Donna and together founded the group “Afi”. Since 1992, I travel to India each year, visiting labs and study techniques in the old fabric. Since 1998, I design objects (IKEA Sweden). I've done 8 solo exhibitions and I have taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.


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