A Family Affair
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A Family Affair

Director: Angeliki Aristomenopoulou
Production Date: 2014
Year published: 01/2015
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«A Family Affair» is an inspirational film about the power of family and music, told through the lives of Greece's most famous musical clan, from the island of Crete. The film captures the Xylouris family at a crossroads: fifty-year-old Giorgis performs non-stop to satisfy his passionate fans, while his Australian wife and manager, Shelagh, struggles to keep the family together. Their three children find new freedom abroad, but struggle to uphold the music of their homeland while finding their own voice. 'A Family Affair' reveals how this age-old and little-known musical tradition is passed on from father to son to grandchildren. It brings to light the redemptive but also obstructive power of a strong family, while bringing us closer to the intimate process of the creation of music.

Cast: Psaradonis, Psarogiorgis
Production Date: 2014
Genre: Documentary
Language: Greek
Subtitles: Greek, English, German, French
Distribution: Anemon Productions
Year published: 01/2015