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Our first and foremost concern is the disclosure of the terms governing the rights and obligations of periple.eu to all our website visitors and we would also like to inform you about your rights and obligations and to provide a better service for the search and purchase of products from our store.

A prerequisite for the initiation of a transaction between us is the communication from your side of some of your personal data. To place an order, you must first become a member via the member registration form, which will ask you for your full name and address to which we will send the purchased products, your mobile or landline phone number, your e-mail address, etc.



PERIPLE S.P.R.L. is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. Your personal information is used only for your convenience at the online store of the company PERIPLE SPRL. Your personal information will not be given under any circumstances to other companies without your permission. Your personal data is stored by us solely for your convenience and better service in our store.

PERIPLE S.P.R.L., strictly following the principles of data protection provided by the relevant laws and international conventions, will not engage in any unlawful use or otherwise usage not previously approved by you. PERIPLE S.P.R.L. e will in no way disclose, publish, sell or exchange your personal data and information entrusted to us. Also, whenever necessary, you can change the personal information you have provided us. All your personal information is absolutely secure.

PERIPLE S.P.R.L.  in no occasion will be liable for any claims of legal, civil or criminal nature, nor for any damage from visitors of our web site or by third persons for a reason that is related to the functioning or not and use of the web site or to a reasonable failure to provide services and products available from this or any unauthorized intervention of third parties on products or services or information available through it.



Orders must be sent through in writing via internet by completing and sending the relative order form available on www.periple.eu. Υour order will be considered as received by PERIPLE S.P.R.L. by the time you receive the confirmation email. Updates about the order status are displayed on the screen of the user and sent by email to the registered of the user. During the processing of each registered order, you will be informed about the availability of the products. If the availability or delivery time vary from those indicated on the product page, you will be informed by email. VAT is included in prices displayed on the e-shop. All prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping costs are not included in the product price. They will be calculated after adding products in your cart and filling in the delivery address.

PERIPLE S.P.R.L. tries to provide all customers with high-quality service every day, in good faith and sincerity, is not responsible for any errors in features, photos and prices listed on the site www.periple.eu and can not guarantee there will be no errors by import and/or updating features and/or the price of a product.

PERIPLE S.P.R.L. provides the user the ability to order products available on the shop and receive them by post or pick up at store. In particular, the customer has the posiibility to select the product(s) he wants on the online store, and choose the delivery and payment method he prefers (via paypal or bank transfer. This feature is provided if the user is a registered member on PERIPLE S.P.R.L. website so it has already provided the information required to verify its identity (ie, name, email address, telephone number).



The prices listed in the online shop are in euros and include VAT and exclude shipping fees. The prices remain the same even if you pick up your order at the shop.

If the items of your order are available, you can choose between two delivery methods, getting them by post in 10 working days or collecting your order at the store.

If the articles of your order are not immediately available, you will be notified shortly via email about the availability and the delivery time. If the suggested delivery time doesn't suit you, you have the possibility to cancel your order and we will refund the entire order amount (to the same payment method you used for your purchase).

This is also valid if your order, or part of it, is not immediately available. You will be notified shortly via email and decide if you want to keep the entirety of your order when all items will be available or cancel it.

Shipments are made only if the shipping address is within the EU.

Shipping costs are calculated after adding products in your cart and filling in the delivery address.

As soon as your order is sent for delivery, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can check your order status online at the e-tracker of the Belgian post (www.depost.be).



To make things easier for you and to better serve you, the following payment methods are available:


  1. By Paypal
  2. By Bank transfer (E-Banking): ING Homepay

In order to make your transactions secure, our site has a Secure Shell Layer (SSL) system. We are not responsible for illegal use of credit cards by a non-cardholder, as long as he/she has not informed the bank about the card being lost or stolen as it is the customer’s responsibility the safekeeping of their credit card.



If you have not received your order on the delivery time that you see in the product page, or the time we have stated, contact us at +322 230 93 35 or by e-mail: periple@periple.eu



Return of the order or part of it may be made only in the two following cases:

  1. Due to our own mistake
  2. After a typing mistake (misprint, etc.) of the supplier, or upon receipt of a defective product. Before returning a product, though, you should contact the store first. Returns accepted within one month following your purchase.

You may cancel your order if it has not already been sent, or if the item has not been specifically ordered for you (if it was not available the day of your order). In this case, contact us at +322 230 93 35 or by e-mail: periple@periple.eu



By using this website you agree that you use is at your own risk. PERIPLE S.P.R.L. tries to provide a high quality service, but it cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors. Any reference or link to another site is provided for your own convenience and we are not responsible for the contents, products and services (advertising or selling) on ​​this websites. The pictures of the items are indicative.

The site includes material, trademarks and other content belonging to PERIPLE S.P.R.L. and is protected by law. All site content (including text, graphics, images, pictures, and software) are the intellectual property of PERIPLE S.P.R.L. and legally protected. No part of this site may be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, translated, downloaded, displayed or transmitted, in any ways, without the prior written permission of the owner. Its appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or license or right to use them.

PERIPLE S.P.R.L. reserves the right to change or correct the Terms of Use at any time and to inform customers accordingly.