Espace Périple represents the meeting point in Brussels with the contemporary Greek world. Since its inauguration in 1992, the aim has been to bring together Greeks from Belgium -especially those in Brussels- with artistic and literary events. It has also increasingly attracted large numbers of philhellene.

It is situated in an elegant mansion inside the European «quarter» (on the axis between the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission) and offers to its exigent customers, a variety of original high-quality goods (jewelry, decorative items, sculptures, paintings etc) as well as a plethora of books, music CD's and DVD's.

Espace Périple constitutes a multiple-purpose venue for exhibiting paintings, sculpture, photographs and hand-made jewelry as well as for literary meetings, book presentations and acts as a key location for inter-cultural exchanges. It is the showcase for Greek fine arts in Brussels.

In addition to Greeks, Espace Périple attracts a large multinational following from among all the nationalities of the EU and beyond.

The atmosphere is perfectly Greek! A change of scenery is guaranteed.