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La Vie est Belle • T.Voutsikakis & L.Nikolakopoulou

Concert Organisateur: Premieract Date: Vendredi 6 mars 2020, à 20h00 Lieu: W:Hall (Centre Culturel de W-S-P, av. Charles Thielemans 93, 1150 Bxl)

La Vie est Belle / Omorfi Zoi

Thodoris Voutsikakis meets Lina Nikolakopoulou for the first time in Brussels.

The concert, which is being held under the auspices of the Greek Embassy in Belgium, is part of a series of concerts by the exquisite performer along with the beloved lyricist in selected cities in both Greece and abroad due to their collaboration with the distinguished Italian composer Nicola Piovani for their upcoming album.
Lina Nikolakopoulou compiles an «all-inclusive» musical program for the young performer with songs that unfold the colourful emotions of both the Greek and Italian musical culture. The songs of the new album by Piovani – Nikolakopoulou – Voutsikakis, titled «Omorfi Zoi» (Life is Beautiful”), will be presented for the first time outside Greece. As for the title, which refers to the first song of this collaboration that was released a few months ago and  was much loved, but also to the Oscar – winning music by the composer for the movie «Life is Beautiful» (La Via e Bella), Lina Nikolakopoulou says by conveying to us the feeling of this musical performance: «It is very important , especially in the times we live in, when someone can get across the feeling that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, make you smile, make you feel your heart beating in your chest, justify the beauty of LOVE, sometimes even a few music notes are able to do just that. The Italian composer and maestro Nicola Piovani is for sure one of those artists who magically paint our tender and vulnerable inner self». Thodoris Voutsikakis has already stood out because of his so far collaborations with distinguished artists, the roles that he has performed in musical theatre but mostly his unique way of performing and his remarkable artistic temperament.

It’s no coincidence that these three artists’ paths crossed owing to their artistic «kinship» but also due to the strong desire for the composer’s beloved melodies and hidden treasures to be sung in Greek, in a full album. The mutual fondness that was evident during the first meeting of the two creators, their similar backround and the love for one another’s language and work have built the bridge for their working together on an album containing nine songs ideally performed by Thodoris Voutsikakis, that were first heard at a packed concert with the Athens State Orchestra and Miltos Logiadis on 24th October in the Athens Concert Hall. 

«Premieract», Christos Panagiotakopoulo’s new-founded production and planning of artistic events company, is going to be in charge of the production of this great concert of the two artists in Brussels. 

The talented singer will be accompanied on the stage by four exceptional musicians: 
Stathis Anninos – Orchestration / Piano
Ilias Mantikos – Qanun
Giannis Papagiannoulis – Percussion
Giorgos Ventouris – Double Bass

The Greek choir of Brussels will participate in the concert under the direction of Christos Gakoudis.

Sound : Christos Maniadakis
Lights : Tilemachos Andreadis
Artistic Direction : Lina Nikolakopoulou

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