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Traditional Dances Courses 2019-20

Lessons Hosted by: The Lyceum Club of Greek Women of Brussels Date: September 2019>June 2020 Venue: Centre Sportif de WSP (av. Salomé 2, 1150 Bxl)

Dear membres, friends, dear parents,

We wish you a happy new school year and would like to inform you about the traditional dances programme for the period September 2019 - June 2020.

The lessons at the Centre Sportif de WSP will start on Saturday 21 September 2019 and will end on Saturday 13 June 2020.

In particular, the following sections will operate::
Three sections of traditional dances for children, teenagers and adults:
(Centre Sportif, av Salomé 2., 1150 WSP)

1. Saturday    16:00>17:00 (a' children section)
2. Saturday     17:00>18:00 (b' children/teenagers section)
3. Saturday     18:00>19:00 (teenagers/adults section)

The annual membership fee is 50€. For your convenience, the bank account no of Lyceum is: BE61310093365317 (LYCEUM CLUB FEMMES HELLENES).

Children & teenagers tuition fees: 160€ per year.

  • The amount of 160€ includes obligatory insurance for children during the lesson on request of the Centre Sportif.
  • The tuition fee for the other children from the same family attending the lessons will be reduced by 50%.

Adult tuition fees: 180€ per year. The tuition fee for the 2nd member from the same family attending the lessons will be reduced by 50%.

For any information about the sections of the Lyceum Club, please contact:
Litsa Tomara t: 02 3475415 m: 0485 523037
Maria Karahaliou t: 02 2816941 m: 0477 258379 e:
Sikelia Konstantopoulou t: 02 2818904 m: 0475 894315