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Rebetiko • Hommage à Vassilis Tsitsanis

Soirée Musicale Organisateur: Art Base Date: 11 & 12 octobre 2019, 20h00 Lieu: rue des Sables 29, 1000 Bxl Website:

Rebetiko music is an urban music tradition which emerged in the mid 19th century at the financially and culturally developed city of Smyrna. 
This new music genre bears both western and oriental musical influences as it employed a wide range of ensembles- from western type of mandolin orchestras to oriental ensembles with santur, violin, ud, kemençe and others. 
These songs composed between the middle of the 19th century and 1922 spread rapidly among Greek populations around the world. 
Vassilis Tsitsanis was born in Trikala, Thessaly in January 18, 1915. In his early teenage years he stared learning the violin, then he turned to the bouzouki. In the beginning he didn’t perform publicly with the bouzouki, as it was banned and looked down upon, but he composed his first songs already at the age of fifteen. 
His song «Archontissa», one of the most significant songs in Greek music history, was one of hundreds to follow. 
Vassilis Tsitsanis died on his birthday  on 18/1/1984.

Eleni Dimopoulou: voice 
Nikos Prosilias: guitar, voice 
Dimos Vougioukas : accordion 
Dimitris Koufogiorgos: bouzouki 

15€ & 10€ (réduit)
t: 02 2172920