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Eva Mela • Paintings-Engravings

Painting Exhibition Hosted by: Espace Périple Date: 21 November > 9 December 2017 Venue: rue Froissart 115, 1040 Bxl Opening: Tuesday 21 November from 6 to 9pm

Espace Périple presents the first solo exhibition in Brussels, by painter and engraver Eva Mela from 21 November to 9 December.

Opening on Tuesday 21 November from 6 to 9pm.


In my painting work I've always followed two different sources of inspiration.  
On one hand, nature, birds and landscapes have been predominant themes; on the other hand, I paint human beings trying to capture their gaze.     
My approach to nature is simple, most of the times there is no human presence disturbing it; what I'm trying to include in the picture is nature's own measure without any interventions or cosmetic; to give the sense of its harmony without motion. The birds, always small, humble, express companionship, freedom, but also desire.
I try to approach humans through their own beauty, the way each of them is marked by their personal history: victims of a war or military interventions, people uprooted or refugees, people exploited in the workplace or being unemployed. 

I work in egg tempera (paint mixed with egg yolk as a binder medium), a classic painting technique which helps me, when I paint from nature, to put my thoughts in order and better understand/study my theme.
On the other hand, I paint in fresco, a very old technique upon freshly-laid or wet plaster; wet plaster imprisons colours and thus the painting becomes an integral part of the wall; the work having to be executed quickly before the plaster dries "the instance" is recorded. This necessarily leads the artist to focus on the predominant and the most important and to do it speedily, which means that he/she records what has really settled inside him/her. 
I have also always chosen to practice engraving, in parallel, not only because engraving is important as an autonomous visual art, but due to the fact that the work produced is always an original without being unique. Thus the artwork is not imprisoned but can circulate freely, which is important to me.  

Art works presented in this exhibition mark stages of a rather long journey, looking forward to offering an opportunity for a constructive «extra muros» dialogue. E.M.


Eva Mela was born in Athens in 1956.

1974-1980: she studied Engraving Arts at the High School of Fine Arts of Greece, under the Teachers Lefteris Kanakakis in painting and Kostas Grammatopoulos in Engraving.
1979-1981: she studied «Book’s Art», at the High School of Fine Arts, under the teacher Yiannis Papadakis.
1981-1982: she studied Drawing and Painting at the National High School of Fine Arts in Paris, by the chance of a scholarship in Bookbinding Arts.
1985-1988: she holded a Scholarship for Engraving Arts, by the State Foundation for Scholarships of Greece.

For three years she studied Engraving Arts and Book’s Art, beside the artist Giorgis Varlamos.

1984: she wins the one of the two First Prizes at the Competition of the Greek
, on the theme «Athens, 150 years as a Capital».
1990: she wins the Prize for designing the Book «Hymn to Freedom», poem of Dionisios Solomos (the National  Hymn of Greece), at the Competition by the Greek Ministry of Culture.
2000: she wins the «State prize 2000 for Children’s Books Illustrations» by the Greek Ministry of Culture for the illustrations of «One Goldfinch’s Adventure» -written by Georgia Anesini-Leraki.

1985: «Adinor» Gallery, Athens
1986: «Chrisothemis» Gallery, Chalandri
1991: «Maria Papadopoulos Exhibition Hall», Athens
1992: «Europakademie Weissenfels», Galerie Oben, Germany
1992: «Paintings», Bar Booze, Athens
1995: «Books’ Art» at the exhibition hall of the Graduated Artists of Greece, Athens, Plaka             
1995: Maria Papadopoulou Exhibition Hall, Athens
1996: «Terracotta» Gallery, Thessaloniki
1997: «Amimoni» Gallery, Ioannina
1998: «Exhibition Hall of Nafplion», Nafplion
1998: «Chrisothemis» Gallery, Chalandri
1999: «Lavirinthos» Gallery, Katerini
2001: «Maria Platania» Gallery, Zakynthos
2002: «Ekfrasi Gianna Grammatopoulou», Athens
2002: «Polyedro», Patra
2003: «Lavirinthos», Katerini
2004: «Ekfrasi», Glyfada
2005: Illustration’s exhibition, «Astra» Gallery, Athens
2005: Graphics, «Zichiho Palace», Bratislava, Slovakia
2006: International Art Studio Radovan Trnavac Mica, Valjevo, Serbia
2010: Paintings: «Simi, Galatas, landscapes», Chrysothemis Gallery, Chalandri
2012: Gallery «Ekfrasi Gianna Grammatopoulou», Athens
2012: «EPsilon Art Gallery», Loutraki
2012: «Uprooted» Cultural Center «Melina», Municipality of Athens  
2013: «Uprooted» Old Municipality Baths, Municipality of Patra 
2014: «Uprooted», Margari Gallery, Cultural Centrer of Amfilohia  
2017: «Uprooted», Mulicipality of Arta, in co-operation with the «Worker’s center of Arta»   

She has also participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, with movements, with groups, with the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Exhibitions of the Communist Youth’s Festival, exhibitions for Peace, etc. She illustrates children’s books, she creates books and she has participated in many exhibitions with the Greek Illustrators’ Society «AESOPOS». 2007-2009: she was member of the Greek Parliament in the 2nd area of Athens, as a deputy of the Communist Party of Greece. She is since a long period member of the Directing Council of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (also, president of the Chamber, 1996-2000, 2006-2008, 2010-today).