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Small is beautiful • Vali Kolotourou

Painting Exhibition Hosted by: Espace Périple Date: 17 May > 4 June 2016 Venue: rue Froissart 115, 1040 Bxl Opening: Tuesday 17 May from 6 to 9pm

After her last exhibition in 2007 at Espace Périple, painter Vali Kolotourou presents her most recent work entitled «small is beautiful» on Tuesday 17 May from 6 to 9pm.

The exhibition will run 17 May to 4 June 2016.


Small is beautiful
Through her paintings, Vali continues to explore the idea of mankind in search of an identity. She uses pencil and watercolour to create small drawings of men and women, still lifes and landscapes, which trace out human feelings or the environment in which human beings operate.

Her works demonstrate vulnerable and defenceless people standing alone and waiting for something to happen, crowds engaging in acts the viewer is invited to interpret, and still lifes in which the supposed objects remind us of human figures, or landscapes having a significant meaning for the human being and acting as barriers or even as symbols for his life.
What matters for Vali, when painting or drawing, is the notion of mankind, it’s problems, it’s fears, it’s destiny.

In this sixth catalogue, she develops new forms of construction and her work evolves towards more abstraction and a bigger economy of means. Many of her drawings aim at the absolute essential and a few pencil lines are enough to express fully and adequately her subjects.
The titles under her drawings express irony but also tenderness for the human being, standing alone in an unknown universe, incapable of depicting reality and trying to survive through efforts of communication and creative processes that exorcise death.

Vali’s work is part of a conceptual work where the acquisition of a steady identity and the initiation into a certain spirituality constitute a solid basis for a more comfortable existence.

This implied conception all over her drawings fully leaves the visual perception of her artworks to demonstrate values such as brilliant colours, spontaneous and vibrant movements in drawing and meaningful choice of subjects.
In this catalogue Vali’s work renders true the rule that painting and drawing are no more than a suggestion.

Elias Eliakis (Professor of Art)


Vali Kolotourou was born in Greece, graduated in Law from the University of Athens, and continued her post-graduate studies at the Université Libre in Brussels and at the College of Europe in Bruges. She has worked as Assistant at the Law Section of the College of Europe and has had a professional career at the European Commission in Brussels as Senior Administrator and Head of Unit.

She studied Art in Brussels over a period of several years, following courses in drawing and painting first at the atelier of the Greek painter Vasso Tseka, and then at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, at the Académie de Dessin et des Arts Décoratifs de Watermael-Boitsfort and finally at the Art Academy of Ixelles, from where she received her diploma.

Vali Kolotourou's works have been shown in ten individual exhibitions in Brussels and Athens, and ten collective exhibitions in Brussels, New Delhi, Bologna, New York, London, Athens and Paris. Her most recent exhibition was a major Retrospective at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus in Greece in June 2015.

Her paintings are to be found in books published in New York, Bologna and London. She has also published seven catalogues which can be found at several Museums, such as the National Gallery in Athens, the Museum of Fine-Arts in Brussels, the Solomon R. Guggenheim in New York and the Pompidou Museum in Paris. In addition, her work has been shown by the Press in Greece (Kathimerini, 2009, Culture now in Greece, 2015, Voice of the inhabitants in Piraeus, 2015), and in the United States (Greek Reporter, U.S.A., 2012) and has also appeared on Television in Belgium (R.T.L.-T.V.I., 2012).

Vali Kolotourou lives and works in Brussels and Athens. Her paintings are to be found in public and private collections all over the world, including Brussels, Athens, Paris, London, Barcelona and New York.